Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tim's Vermeer

How's this for a trick? A middle-aged guy who has never picked up a paintbrush decides to replicate a masterpiece by one of the greatest artists in human history. To tell a story that unbelievable, you'd need a couple guys who have some experience with the impossible: magicians Penn & Teller.
Directed by Teller (his feature debut) and produced and narrated by Penn Jillette, the documentary "Tim's Vermeer" tells the true story of Tim Jenison, an inventor who created digital editing and computer animation tools that helped revolutionize the video industry. The film shows how Jenison turned his inquisitive mind and visual expertise to unravelling a mystery that has confounded art historians for nearly 350 years: How did Johannes Vermeer, the 17th century Dutch Master, create the most realistic paintings the world had ever seen.

Definitely interested in seeing this one!
May Inspiration and creativity be with you!

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